The Twisted Ones (Five Nights at Freddy’s #2) by Scott Cawthon, Kira Breed-Wrisley


The highly anticipated sequel to the bestselling Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes.

It’s been a year since the horrific events at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and Charlie is just trying to move on. Even with the excitement of a new school and a fresh start, she’s still haunted by nightmares of a masked murderer and four gruesome animatronic puppets. Charlie thinks her ordeal is over, but when a series of bodies are discovered near her school bearing wounds that are disturbingly familiar she finds herself drawn back into the world of her father’s frightening creations. Something twisted is hunting Charlie, and this time if it finds her, it’s not letting her go. 


I love Charlie and John’s characters. I loved them in the first book and this just continued. Jessica, while being more in the background most of the time, showed a different side of her. First book we got the assumption she was…”classy” or something similar. This book showed her as a little more adventurous and loyal. Things we didn’t see in the first book.

Now, i enjoyed this book but i didn’t like how little murders there were. I know that sounds weird. But in the first book it was super dark. This book focused more on the killing of random people. I wanted their to be more murders. More buildup. There wasn’t that. They figured it out pretty fast which i didn’t like. I also didn’t like that Carlton wasn’t in it. I enjoyed him. His dad was in it, but not him. A few more murders and this book would be amazing. THAT ENDING THOUGH. OMG! I couldnt wait to read the third book.

I give it 3.5/5


The Silver Eyes (Five Nights at Freddy’s #1) by Scott Cawthon, Kira Breed-Wrisley


Based on the bestselling horror video game series, Five Nights at Freddy’s follows a young woman named Charlotte, who reunites with her childhood friends on the anniversary of the tragedy that ripped their town apart. It’s been exactly ten years since the murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and Charlotte, who goes by the name Charlie, has spent the last ten years trying to forget. Her father had owned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and had built its four adult-sized animatronic animals. After meeting up with her friends, curiosity leads them back to the old pizza place, and they find it hidden, but still standing. They discover a way inside, but things are not as they used to be: the four mascots that delighted and entertained them as children have changed. The animatronic animals have a dark secret and a murderous agenda. 


This was not a book i’d normally read. I don’t even know much about Five nights at Freddy’s (aside from the fact its shortened down to FNAF) My niece is REALLY into this. Her copy of the book is taped together. The cover is mostly tape holding pieces together, barely making a full cover. I couldn’t understand how she liked this series (while still not knowing what it’s truly about) but was so happy she was reading. She wants something in common with me so bad she tried harry potter, and it wasn’t for her (Her younger sister fully loves Harry potter so its our thing) She asked me to read this book. I said sure, just to make her happy. Figured it was big font and not many pages. Nope. I read the first page and didn’t care for it. Tried it again. Wow.

I’m so glad I read this book. It wasn’t childish at all. It was dark and gruesome. There was murder and kidnappings. And the characters of FNAF. Sadly though, those characters confused me (because I’m not apart of the fandom)

Charlie and John, two incredible characters. Teenagers forced into this scary world and confronting the past. Their painful past. I liked the others as well but they weren’t the ones that stood out. Charlie, the daughter of the man who made Freddy and them, who used one of them to kill himself. John, the smart one who appeared brave because he had to. They fit so well. On the outside, he doesn’t judge her for who her father was. He went with her every time she had to face something. He was probably scared, but did it anyway.

There were a few things that bothered me, very small things. It’s TECHNICALLY not classified as supernatural, but obviously is. So when some of the weird stuff started happening, i expected humans. Maybe that’s my fault for not knowing FNAF. When Carlton was trapped and he heard Michael, I was hoping they’d finally solve the mystery. That the bodies would be found. They weren’t. and Jason finding the pictures, but didn’t get to put it together until it was too late. Not even telling anyone. But they were minor flaws.

Overall, was such a great book. So much better than i thought it would be. I’m currently reading the second one.

I give it 4/5

Unwind (Unwind Dystology #1) by Neal Shusterman

Connor, Risa, and Lev are running for their lives.

The Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights. The chilling resolution: Life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, however, parents can have their child “unwound,” whereby all of the child’s organs are transplanted into different donors, so life doesn’t technically end. Connor is too difficult for his parents to control. Risa, a ward of the state, is not enough to be kept alive. And Lev is a tithe, a child conceived and raised to be unwound. Together, they may have a chance to escape and to survive.



A customer of mine gave me this book, she knows my love of reading. I was unsure at first, what if it was dumb? How do i tell her? Well, two pages in and i was hooked. The idea alone was good, different and exciting. But it was the writing that did it. These were characters that felt real. it didn’t feel like a book.

I was angry at the kids being unwound. Kid doesnt get all As? Get them unwould. Wow. Who could do that! I felt their pain. They felt broken down. You can go on the run, but theres no where to really hide until your 18. Not special at anything? Well goodbye to you as well. I would have been unwound right at 13 lol. Connor was my favorite character. There was a fierceness about him that was amazing. He wasnt a bad kid, just angry. instead of trying to help him his parents sign the order to unwind. But he’s strong and brave and tries to do the right thing. Lisa, she was from a state home. While she was brave in ways she was also ignored alot in her life. Lev, well his background just angered me.

I’m so glad my customer gave me this book and i will read another by this author.

I give it 4.5/5

Jealousy by Nancy Bush



It’s taken time for the plan to unfold, years spent waiting, watching, hating. . . . And after the first victim, the killing gets easier and easier . . .


The Crissmans, owners of Crissman & Wolfe department store, were once one of Portland’s most powerful families. There’s still enough fortune left to sow mistrust between Lucy, her bohemian sister Layla, their brother Lyle, and his grasping wife Kate. When a charity event at the Crissman Lodge ends in a fatal poisoning, Lucy becomes a prime suspect. But the truth is even more twisted, and Lucy can’t be sure which of her family is being targeted . . . or who to fear.


Renowned defense attorney Dallas Denton has been hired to clear Lucy’s name, unaware of the secret that ties them together or of the deep cracks in the Crissman legacy. Someone is ready to eliminate every obstacle to get what they most covet, and prove that envy runs deeper
than blood . .


Let me start of by saying, I’m biased. I love Nancy Bush and will praise her work always. With that said, this one started off slow. It was Published August 28th 2018, I got it maybe a week later. I just finished last night. November 11th 2018. Now, once it picked up I was hooked like always. 

Lucy, I liked her right away. She knew right from wrong, but acted out sometimes. She was smart but treated not the best by her father and brother. They own a department store. She was in a broken marriage but wanted to work it out. John, her husband, was not nice. He just wasn’t a nice man. 

Layla was Lucy’s sister. She was described as arty. That’s not always a good thing. She didn’t work normal jobs. She had bad taste in men and didn’t make good decisions. 

Lyle, their brother, was just an a**hole. No, he was weak. That’s even worse. He followed his dad blindly even with the rumors that their company was broke. He was married to Kate, ugh. I hated her as a character. I think we’re supposed to but even at the end, I still hated her. She was egotistical, selfish, self centered and just a bitch. She only did things that benefited her. She felt she could replace Lyle’s sisters in the company. Felt Lucy wasn’t good enough. Well screw that.

The book starts off with drama and mystery. Then goes back to before. All the events leading up to the big event. It was good. Especially once it kicked into the series of events that led to everything. September is in this, not as a cop though. She from other Nancy Bush books. This book has everything you need.

I give it 5/5 

Stud Unleashed: Will (Clover Park STUDS #1) by Kylie Gilmore


A frenemies to lovers romance!

When Jasmine Davis opens her new dance studio, she’s shocked to find she shares the building with Will Levi, aka the man she fought with all summer at the community theater. Will is rigid, uptight, and irritating, so why is she so turned on?

Ex-bad boy Will has been living a life of penance ever since he crashed his car, nearly killing his brother. Jasmine is just one more reminder of the life he doesn’t deserve, but when one perfect kiss sets them on the slippery slope toward love, they both fear it will end with a crash. What do you do when the one person you can’t live with is the one person you can’t live without?


Oh man, this book. It wasn’t bad. It was cute. But I wouldn’t read another one in the series. As I said, it was cute, but it didn’t grab me at all. It was a quick read but it wasn’t one I’d remember. 

Jasmine was fun, though stubborn. She was a dancer and apparently great at it. Will was stubborn and boring. I hate saying that. And it’s not even because he was living a boring life. He just didn’t feel fun to me. Even in their bedroom scenes, I didn’t feel it. Maybe that’s just me though. He was a dentist and had a stick up his a**. Or he just didn’t like music. Either one fits. 

I saw their chemistry was supposed to be there, but I didn’t feel it. Their banter back and forth was cute but it didn’t scream “I LOVE YOU”. And to me, he felt…too dominating. It was his way or no way. I don’t like that. Maybe had he been a bit softer I would have liked him but he wasn’t. I liked his growth towards his brother…he finally shut up and listened to what he was being told. Took forever it seems. 

I give it 2.75/5


Kiss Cam (With A Kiss #1) by Anie Michaels


Life was smooth sailing for Riley Smith. She’d earned a promotion, was living the dream as a single gal in a big city, and treated herself to one of her favorite things – a professional basketball game. In Riley’s opinion, nothing ruined a good basketball game like the halftime gag, the Kiss Cam. When the camera lands on her and the sexy stranger in the next seat over, peer pressure from the arena forces them to kiss. It was supposed to be quick, meaningless, and comical. Instead the kiss was hot, delectable, and left her reeling.

It hadn’t been a great night for Camden Rogers, son of Portland’s mayor. On a date with a woman he didn’t care for out of obligation to his politician father, meeting the sassy and intelligent Riley was the last thing he expected. Kissing her, however, was the hottest thing he’d ever experienced. Never one to back down from a challenge, convincing his hesitant kissing partner they could be more would be his biggest accomplishment yet.

They came from two different worlds, a divide Riley was sure they couldn’t overcome, but Camden was convinced she was the one. Will Riley be able to let her guard down and let Camden in? Or will the Kiss Cam be their only sexy encounter?


Riley was a fun character. Funny, witty, smart, insecure at times. She’s someone I would have been friends with. Camden is fun too. He was charming and smart. His step dad was an a**hole. Only caring about how things look, not if someone was happy. 

I liked Camden’s pursuit of Riley. He liked her and wanted to get to know her. She played it cool, which made him hunt her down. I loved that. Their chemistry is great, which is amazing. I felt like these two would actually be together, if they were real. Which is usually my favorite part, imagining the characters are real and living their lives. Not just words in a book. This book is an easy read and quick. I didn’t want to put the book away. I’m glad I read it.

I give it 3.5/5


A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara #1) by Sarah Wynde


Akira Malone believes in the scientific method, evolution, and Einstein’s theory of relativity. And ghosts.

All the logic and reason in the world can’t protect her from the truth—she can see and communicate with spirits. But Akira is sure that her ability is just a genetic quirk and the ghosts she encounters simply leftover electromagnetic energy. Dangerous electromagnetic energy.

Zane Latimer believes in telepathy, precognition, auras, and that playing Halo with your employees is an excellent management technique. He also thinks that maybe, just maybe, Akira Malone can help his family get in touch with their lost loved ones.

But will Akira ever be able to face her fears and accept her gift? Or will Zane’s relatives be trapped between life and death forever?


I got this book then ended up not wanting to read it. i had a lot of other books on my kindle app. I kept overlooking this because the cover. I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But i did. Eventually i caved. And I’m glad. It was cute. Akira was relatable. I’m sure if i could see ghosts i’d be freaked out too and ignore them. Her reaction was understandable and when you get more of her backstory, you wish you could have helped her. (well I wished that.) The attraction between Zane and Akira was instant. I wish there was more pov from Zane. Theres parts of the book i’d change, make it fit better but overall it was a good book.

I give 3/5


Unbroken (Beachwood Bay #1) by Melody Grace


“Mom always told me there are two kinds of love in this world: the steady breeze, and the hurricane. Emerson Ray was my hurricane…”

Juliet McKenzie was an innocent eighteen-year old when she spent the summer in Cedar Cove—and fell head over heels in love with Emerson. Complicated, intense Emerson, the local bad boy. His blue eyes hid dark secrets, and just one touch could set Juliet ablaze. Their love was demanding and all-consuming, but when summer ended, tragedy tore them apart. Juliet swore she’d never go back, and she’s kept that promise… Until now.

Four years later, Juliet’s done her best to rebuild the wreckage of her shattered life. She’s got a great boyfriend, and a steady job planned after she graduates. Returning to Cedar Cove to pack up her family’s beach house to prepare it for sale, Juliet is determined that nothing will stand in the way of her future. But one look from Emerson, and all her old desire comes flooding back. He let her go once, but this time, he’s not giving up without a fight. And Emerson fights dirty.

A heartbreaking history. An unstoppable passion. Torn between her past and future, Juliet struggles to separate love from desire. But will they find a way to overcome their tragic secrets—together? And after so much damage has been done, can a love remain unbroken?


It’s told in past and present. sometimes i’m not a fan of that but i liked it in this one. it was more present than past. This was a story of first love. A first love so intense that facing him again after four years causes her anxiety. It’s a classic story of two people having issues with the other but never actually communicating with each other. It’d save so much time but then there’d be no book. I enjoyed the characters. They weren’t terribly deep but i think thats on account that the author wanted to tell a love story so character development wasn’t important. The plot was good, at times predictable. He blames her for the breakup. She doesnt know what she did. Shes emotional, he’s angry. Doesn’t always mix well.

Her dad is a POS and that’s not kept a secret. Her sister is not nice either but more selfish than anything. Her mom is almost angel like, putting up with her husbands shit. Juliet has a boyfriend who she loves and knows is proposing soon. He makes her have dinner with her family and actually gets on her case about how she is with them. (Read it, you’ll see) I got mad for her. Boyfriend or not, you can’t be that dumb and not see how they are.

overall it was a good story. Wasn’t the best thing I read but it was good. I read it in one sitting, it was good enough for that. I enjoyed it but it’s not something i’d recommend to friends.

I give 3/5

Generation Z (Generation Z #1) by Peter Meredith


It’s been twelve years since the undead hordes swept over the earth forcing mankind to the brink of extinction. We now live like rats, scavenging in the ruins of our fallen civilization as the dead hunt us night and day.
There is little left to scavenge, however. Grocery stores were emptied ages ago, gas tanks have long been dry and bullets are so precious that a man is lucky to have two to his name.
Still, we survive.
But for how much longer? Instinct and love have combined to turn Darwin’s theory on its head. The strongest didn’t survive in this world. They were the first to die, leaving behind a generation of orphans.
It’s a generation that’s never had a full belly. It’s a generation that has no idea what an Xbox did, or what algebra is for. It’s a generation of children who never laugh out loud, and who have learned to cry softly because the dead are always near and the dead are always so very, very hungry


I got the book because it was free on kindle. I didn’t like it at first. But it’s very rare for me to start a book and not finish. It has to be terrible. (It’s happened before) So i decided to keep reading. I’m glad i did. I don’t know when i realized I was hooked but i was. I couldn’t wait to wake up and read more. I read before bed. It was a long book. I know zombies have been done a lot. But this one was different. There were different civilizations and they didn’t really interact unless it was for a trade. Some were nice, some were assholes. The zombies weren’t like things from the walking dead. They were huge and hard as hell to kill. The main character Jenn, was only four when things went bad. She’s common sense smart. She can survive. But she’s not book smart. Schools didn’t exist anymore. Because the lack of food she’s underdeveloped. Often describing herself looking like a twelve year old boy. she’s in a colony that resides in an apartment building and surrounding buildings. There’s not even a hundred people there. It’s run by Elder type women. They study signs and practice old school ways. Almost like witches, but no spells. There’s not much food. it’s dangerous to leave the grounds so it doesn’t happen often. Eventually someone from another group joins them (its a marriage deal)

in a trip to find food someone gets hurt. They need medicine no one has. There’s been whispers about a doctor but no ones ever met one. Jenn, her soon to be husband and another guy head out to look for the doctor. A lot happens along the way.

This book somehow turned out to be great. And the reason the zombies exist, no one REALLY knows but the way it’s written, it’s believable. I could see it happening. The characters were great. The book, though long, was a great read. I’ve recommended it to a few people already.

I give it 4.25/5

The Death of Life (The Little Things That Kill #2) by Pamela Crane


A kidnapped baby. A mother’s will to find her. A killer targeting them both.

Five years ago Tina Alvarez was trapped in a sex-trafficking ring. Five years ago she bore a daughter that sold on the black market. But five years didn’t erase her tenacity to get her little girl back … and get even with the ones who took her.

When rookie private investigator Ari Wilburn accepts her first case to find Tina’s long-lost daughter, Ari unravels something bigger than a missing child lead. A serial killer is targeting people close to her, and the key to why—and who—is buried deep in her past. As the investigation puts her in the killer’s crosshairs, Ari must decide between saving herself or guarding her family’s grisly secrets.

But for Ari it’s not easy being a savior. Bringing Tina’s daughter back means taking the child from the only family she knows. Is reuniting Tina with her little girl worth destroying this child’s life, and possibly her own?

A killer is watching. Plotting. And no one can stop what’s already begun.


This one picks up not long after the first one ends. Ari is faced with big decisions. Plus there’s a new killer. And once again Ari can’t help but try to figure it out. She’s nosy and bossy and it works. She gets the answers she wants. She puts her self in danger but she doesn’t think of herself much. She’s a act first think later kind of girl. Tina, well we see her in a new light. Shes only eighteen but her experiences didn’t mature her. Sure, she lived through things no one ever should BUT she’s so immature. quits jobs because she’s bored. Shops like crazy. She acts like a child.

Ari matured alot, but not in all ways. This book is almost as good as the first. it’s not as great but it answers all the questions from the first. The ones you NEEDED to know the answers to. I wish there was an epilogue that took place like two years in the future so you could see where they ended up. It was a great sequel to a great book and i’m kind of sad there won’t be anymore.

I give 4/5